Happy Memorial Day!

Happy Memorial Day! I think we are all looking forward to kicking off this Summer with catching up with family & friends.  As we all know, hanging out with our friends was tough to do last summer.  I truly believe there is a silver lining in every situation and here’s my take:

Last summer we got to spend unlimited amounts of time with our pets! Staying home wasn’t so bad because we got so much extra time to go on walks, play outside, or just hangout with our furry best friends.  Now this Summer, we can spend time with our pets and friends!  As the vaccine rolls out and more and more people get vaccinated, the world is becoming a much more normal place.  In this blog, let’s talk BBQs, Beach, and Summertime fun.

Although we correlate Memorial Day with Summertime, there’s a much more important reason to celebrate.  Traditionally Memorial Day is viewed as a time of honor and remembrance. Memorial Day 2021 formally known as Decoration Day, is a federal holiday observed yearly on the last Monday of May. Memorial Day 2021 is a day that commemorates all men and women who have died while serving in the military for the United States of America.  Throughout the United States it is common to visit cemeteries, particularly military ones, and decorate graves of the deceased with flowers, small flags and wreathes. Other common traditions of Memorial Day 2021 that are still practiced today include the raising the U.S. flag quickly to the tops of flagpoles, slowly lowered to half-mast, and then it is raised again to full height at noon.  Don’t be afraid to thank someone for their service.  It means more than you’ll ever know. 

Nothing quite screams Summer like a Dog Beach!  Throw on your suit, grab the sunblock, and head to the Shoreline! There are several Dog Beaches in our area, Southern New Jersey.  They are usually full of different breeds running around releasing all the pent-up energy they’ve stored since Winter!  Going to the Dog Beach may be better than people watching!  Be sure to check out Longport Dog Beach, Beach Haven Dog Beach, and Wildwood Dog Beach this summer!  Before your dog hits the beach, make sure their nails are on point! Grab a Scratch Square for your sandy BFF so he or she can run the beach with perfect, manicured nails.  

            Another fun Summer activity to do with your dog is boating! Boating with a dog can be SO much fun.  First, make sure you invest in a canine life jacket.  Second, bring plenty of water for your pup! They are going to be very excited and may attempt to drink the Ocean or Lake water.  Having clean, fresh water on standby can help deter your dog from drinking that water.  Another tip is to check the temperature! Dog can overheat too, so it’s very important to protect your dog from harmful UV rays.  Dogs can get sunburn just like us humans!  Happy boating!

Written by: Anna Waters 

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