Emotional Support Animals

Many people suffer daily from depression. Usually a doctor would prescribe whatever medications that could help. There are many other alternatives to taking medicines although sometimes medications are necessary. One is to have an emotional support animal. 

Under the laws, an emotional support animal is not considered a pet and is generally  not restricted to any one species or breed. Meaning you could have an emotional support fish! These special animals can help comfort someone who struggles with any kind of mental health issues. For example, an emotional support animal can be therapeutic by easing the feelings of anxiety and depression. 

To register an emotional support animal it’s best to look up the steps and laws in your state. Usually, you can register right online and get a certification in the mail. 

Remember an emotional support animal is different from a service animal.

A service animal is trained to perform tasks and help those with physical disabilities. They as well can be comforting but they have to be able to carry out tasks their owner cannot. Such as a “seeing eye” dog for the blind. Typically service animals are dogs. Since they can be trained well. 

Both service and support animals are very helpful in their own ways. If you or anyone you know suffers from any mental health issues an emotional support animal could be a great suggestion.

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