Early Years Of Your Pet’s Life: Here are Some Important Factors You May Not Have Considered!

Did you know that a puppy has various crucial Psychological needs that must be met while he’s still young?


The years when someone is growing up are the moments that shape that someone as an individual. It doesn’t matter if it’s a human baby or a furry little puppy; they all need someone to understand them and shape them according to society’s needs.



This blog post will help you understand what your pet needs of you when it's growing up!

Keep reading to understand.

Your Dog Has A Type!


Knowing your dog’s breed isn’t enough.

Your dog has a type, and it shows traits according to those types. Worldwide, there are seven types recognized under which all the over 100 breeds are classified.


Your dog can be a:

Terrier type with courage, confidence, and hunting tendencies

Worker type with a strong built and intelligent mind, best for security purposes

Herding type that is instinctively great and used for moving herd of livestock in farms

Toy type meant for loving their humans

Hound type with typically strong senses and hunting abilities, sporting, and non-sporting types


Knowing which of these categories your dog belongs to can help you understand why it does what it does, help you direct your dog to do activities that suit their tendencies and will prevent you from having unrealistic expectations from your dogs.

For example, if your dog is a toy type, you wouldn’t expect it to hunt for you or safeguard you!

Key Factors For A Healthy Happy Pet

To ensure your puppy is growing up in a healthily and peacefully, four factors play a pivotal role.


Stick to this section to know!

Physical Well-Being

The visible one, and you are likely to take care of.


With the help of your vet and your utmost vigilance, make sure your pet is immune to every physical harm and strong enough to resist the same.

Mental Wellness

Peace and calm are as crucial for your pet as for any human.


You need to keep stress away from your little ball of happiness so that it has the mental space to make most of their learning capacity.

Social Skills

One of the most important factors, still the least considered one.


Helping your little pet interact with humans and animals in their surroundings boosts their confidence, trust, and habits in the later stages of their lives!

Personal Bonding

You don’t need to be told this; your pet loves you more than anyone in this world.


During the early growth years, your love is the prime pillar of support your pet has. Your love, time, and bonding are all it craves and needs!

Don’t Forget Fun and Learning!


Lastly, the part that is most responsible for your pet’s growth.

Early years are the best time when you can teach your pet a lot of things, and they can grasp quickly.


This is the stage when you can motivate your pet towards healthy habits, teach them to live in a healthy manner, and find the fun in that lifestyle.

It is also essential to groom and train your pet since the early stages so that it becomes a lifelong habit.


Your pet should be accustomed to being clean, disciplined, and obey your command, but don’t forget the more important things in the process.


Teaching your dog to sit, stay, and roll over when demanded makes cute videos but teaching it to be focused, avoid distractions, make eye contact and obey gestures is a task and an important one.


What are some early-stage efforts that you think helped your dog? Share with other readers and us in the comments section!


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