Are you looking to buy some awesome toys for your furry friend? 
You are the best playmate your pet can have. Besides your companionship, there are bountiful of toys that can make your and your pet’s play sessions fun and exciting.
When such a wide range is available, and you want nothing but the best for your pet, it is natural to get confused!
This blog post will help you clear all confusion. Read on to find out which toy will be the right pick for you!
What the Variety Has To OfferIn this section of the blog, I will go through some of the best types of toys for your pet available on the market. 
Let’s take a look. 
1.  Chew ToysWhether it is your hand or random furniture at home, your furry best friend will always need something to chew on!
Half-chewed and discarded things at your house may be a cause of concern for you, but what’s greater interest is how badly they can affect your pet’s health. 
While some may think its a luxury, chew toys have enough benefits to prove it is an essential toy every pet deserves. When a single toy can keep your pet engaged, keep them away from chewing harmful and toxic substances, keep things at home safe, and also take care of your pet’s oral hygiene. 
Wouldn’t every pet owner want to have one?
Moreover, they are long-term investments as the indestructible ones last a long time. 
Check them out here.

2. Tug ToysTug toys come in a large variety. 
Some are in the form of soft toys that even human babies have fun playing with, while others, newer and better-designed ones are S-shaped made from a pet-friendly form or plastic.
And, the common myth about playing tug with your furry friend makes them aggressive is just not true at all. 
It stimulates your dog’s body and mind and also keeps them healthy!
These toys come in attractive shapes and colors to help distract your dog whenever needed and keep them focused on their plaything. 
You can check some tug toys out here.

3.  Throw ToysOne of the most commonly played games with dogs is fetch. 
Cliche, right? 
Throw toys are highly instrumental in keeping your pet active and provide them a good exercise. They generally come in the form of bones or balls that attract your dog. 
Some of the top-selling toys include the snowball or the bouncy ball. 
You can check colorful, indestructible options here.

4. Interactive ToysInteractive toys are one of the most exciting, new generation toys for your pet, that can keep it occupied and well, addicted. 
These are games that can not only entertain your four-legged friend but also exercise their mind and help increase their IQ. They are fantastic as they help ease the stress in dogs, hone their problem-solving skills, and some can also dispense treats! 
You can check the variety out here

5. Treat Dispensing ToysOne of the most loved toys by pets and owners alike. 
Pets love them because they can ward off hunger as well as boredom with these toys with surprises in the form of treats. Owners love them because these toys can play a pivotal role in treat training their pets.
These also stimulate pet minds as they have to figure out how to obtain that treat.
Available in different shapes, difficulty levels, sizes, and colors browse through these fantastic helping toys here.

6. Soft Comfort ToysThese are soft toys that are stuffed with dog-friendly materials as they can be put to use in several ways.
Soft toys can be used for different purposes. 
These can be used either as toys to carry around and cuddle with or as preys that they can kill, bite, and remove frustration on. Smart comfort toys also have comforting features like heart beating sound or warmth, that can further calm your pet. 
Find these exciting toys here.

All in All While researching about all these toys, you must have come across toys that perform more than one of these functions. 
Multi-function toys are typically those that can provide entertainment, treats, mind stimulation, and activity for your pets and therefore, are ideal and affordable. Some picks that you can try out are: 
  • Multifunction Pet Bowl Feeder Toy
  • Natural Essence Multi-Purpose 
  • Multifunction Cat Toys With Bells and Mouse
All in all, you have to make sure you take care of what materials your toys are made of. 
While they can effectively kill your pet’s boredom, toys can also cause harm if it has toxins. Make sure you clean these toys regularly, and your pet gets enough time outdoors to keep them physically fit!
If you have any confusion or queries regarding pet toys and what is ideal for your pet, feel free to drop them down in the comments section, and we’ll get back to you soon!

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