Did you order your Scratch Square yet?

Scratch Square is an innovative toy that helps file your pets nails while keeping them entertained. It also rewards them for a job well done. There’s a treat inside that keeps them busy while trying to get it out. With interactive play plus a reward your pets are sure to love it!


How it works is by stimulating play by having pets interact with the toy, grooms by filing their nails, and rewards by dispensing treats. Grooming your pet  with Scratch Square promotes healthy joints and decreases the odds of permanent illness. 


This product is a great investment as well! It will save you money at the groomer and the headache you may have trying to cut your pets nails yourself. That alone can be very stressful. Scratch Square is a multi-function toy you're sure to get your money's worth!

Check out De’Vora.us and get yours today! 


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