Declawing Cats, No BUENO!

Co-Author:  Nicole Lauren 

What might sound like a small procedure to a new cat parent , like getting your nails trimmed, it’s alarming to know it’s actually the opposite. Declawing involves removing your cats bones at the top of their toes. The procedure has long term risks and problems for your fur baby. Cats that have been declawed are likely to have difficulty walking because they are forced to walk on their soft cartilage which is painful. The discomfort can lead them to naw or chew on their paws. They can also become more aggressive after this procedure. 

Many states have banned declawing cats. Supporting that it is inhuman and unnecessary. N.Y was actually the first state to implement the law in the US. Majority of other countries have outlawed this procedure as well. 

On the positive side there are alternatives to declawing your cat. Having cats scratch up furniture and other things or scratch people can be annoying. A healthier and safe way to manage your babies claws are :

* Try to safeguard tempting surfaces. 

* TryScatch Square. created by De’ Vora  is a nail filing system that rewards your feline after nails have been filed down. 

* Keep a nail trimming a routine.

Scratch Square Feline  is part of De’Vora’s health and wellness toys line. This is a multipurpose product crafted for proper pet engagement and convenient grooming!

Scratch Square  basically serves as an emery board for pets. It can file your pet’s nails and save you the stress of nail clipping. You put a treat inside and let your pet scratch to get it out. The graded surface of the toy will gently and automatically file their nails without inflicting any pain on your pet! Bye bye declawing. I mean it’s against the law anyway in most states, just saying! 

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