A Spark That Ignites Pet Engagement and Safe Grooming!

Scratch Square has a number of benefits you may not even realize.  We are here to fully explain every single thing the Scratch Square can do for you and your pet!  We even have a video to show you “How it works”.   

            Scratch Square serves as an emery board for pets, igniting their curiosity and activeness. It will file your pet’s nails and save you the stress of nail clipping – an activity stressful for you and your pet. Simply put a treat inside and let your pet scramble for it. The graded surface of the toy will gently and automatically file their nails without inflicting any pain on your pet.


            Scratch Square can reduce scratches and cuts on humans, flooring, furniture, and clothing.  In addition, Scratch Square can stimulate your pets mind and sense while lowering anxiety for both pets and their families.  Scratch Square is made of natural rubber and is eco-friendly, so rest assured the product is pet safe and floor safe.  The toy encourages your pet to play and has treat scent ventilation. Whether your pet wants to chew, bounce, tug, or rattle the toy – they will be grooming their nails along the way.   

            Scratch Square Feline is also a great toy.  Our cat version grabs your pets attention with catnip stuffing.  The scratch pads automatically file your pets’ nails to a smooth and healthy level during interactive play. 

            Just a reminder, Pet nails need to be trimmed often: According to PetMd, Cats nails should be trimmed every 10-14 day and Dogs nails should be trimmed at least every 2 to 3 weeks. With Scratch Square, that is super easy to keep under control!  For both pets and their owners, clipping their nails can be uncomfortable. With Scratch Square, that worry no longer occurs!  Pets can become uncomfortable after a nails trimmed injury. With Scratch Square they love accomplishing the same goal as nail trimming while playing too! Buy Scratch Square today!

Written by: Anna Waters

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