A Little Something Special!


T-R-E-A-T-S… treats, treats, treats!

As we approach the end of month, we thought it would be fun to include treats for your four-legged family member or small animal pet. Something tells us they will love what we have to offer and more! We also have suggestions of some of our personal favorite homemade recipes to bake or make for your pet family members (the kids can help too!).

TOP 5 Treats:

  1. Cat treats
  2. Dog treats
  3. Bird treats
  4. Small animal treats
  5. Reptile treats


Top 5 Homemade Recipes:

  1. For cats: No bake Tuna Treats

Gather tuna and oats, mix together in one bowl, add oil when needed, roll into balls. Place in freezer. (You can also add carrots or peas). 

  1. Dog treats: No Bake Peanut Butterballs

Gather pumpkin puree, oats, peanut butter and milk. Mix ingredients together but oats last and slowly. Use a spoon or ice scream scooper to male balls. Place in fridge for an hour.

  1. Bird treats: Bagel Feeder

Combine seeds, peanuts and oats on tray. Lather peanut butter around the bagel. Roll the lathered bagel onto the seeded tray. Place in fridge for 20 minutes. Take out of fridge and tie a string through the bagel hole and hang where needed.

  1. Small animal treats: Mango bars

Slice mangos. Place on tray. Let dry.

  1. Reptile treats: Let’s Go Banana’s

Leave out pieces of a banana peel, bugs will soon gather and make a yummy snack for your reptile friend.

Whether you treat your dogs with your left-overs or give them extra treats or leaving a piece of banana for your reptile, you can have fun making yummy nutritious snacks! What do provide for your pets? Let us know!


Written by: Jacqueline Goldoff 

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