A Guid for Pet Owners $$$

Author: Nicole Rando 


Before I had my own pets, I never understood why people were so obsessive about having a dog or a cat. Honestly, I use to hate seeing people pushing a stroller with a dog in it or telling stories about how their dog sleeps in their bed. 

Well, that all changed when I became a dog mom. Literally changed my life. I sort of was thrown into it actually. My sister needed someone to adopt her dog because she was moving and couldn’t take him. I felt bad so I agreed to have him.  Instant love connection! I kept his name the same, she gave me all his favorite things and he was potty trained, I was really lucky. 

We had him in the crate in our room for the most part. But then I just let him sleep on the bed. I'm not sure why but I never regretted it. I was smitten and he is my baby boy. 

Needless to say, he gets just as spoiled as my children. Which also means I shop for the best deals.I recently found a new website to purchase all my favorite pet brands from,  De’ Vora. us. 

The best thing about this online pet store is that you can price match. I’m only familiar with price matching at Best Buy so this was exciting. Today, I bought dog food, my fur baby's favorite chew toy, and trash bags for our walks.

I did a little research to compare prices. I made a shopping cart at Chewy, Amazon, De’ Vora:

Based on my finds,  De’ Vora definitely was my choice to shop! I found all three products I needed and saved money! If you do come across an item that is cheaper elsewhere, you simply fill out the prompts where it says price match under the item. It’s super easy! If it legitimately is cheaper somewhere else De’Vora will accept the offer and the price match your items! Hope this helps and enjoy shopping for your pets with DeVora.us

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