We Support and Love Our Service Dogs

International assistance dog week is August 2-8th. This is a time to honor service dogs and their trainers. The work that they do to help improve the lives of others is remarkable. Also the amount of time and dedication both trainers and dogs display is unmatched. 

Fun facts : most common breeds for service dogs are Labrador Retrievers, Golden Retrievers, Great Danes, Poodles,German Shepard, Boxers , Border Collie, Pomerians, Bernese Mountain dogs, and Pitbulls!

Yes, we know  Pits have a bad rep, but actually are a very calm and loving breed.

When selecting a service dog, trainers look for signs of a calm demeanor. Their ability to bond well and even their tidiness. You won’t want your service dog to shed a lot or have excess drooling. This would make it a little harder to take care of especially if you physically can’t move around well.  

It takes about 1-2 years to train a service dog. Depending on age, breed, and specific task or tasks, the training time can vary. Having a well trained certified service dog, helps the quality of life of the owner. The common tasks that trainers teach include alerting, mobility, and medical response. 

A great product that helps you mark the precise moment of good behavior is the dog trainer clicker. It can also help speed up training!

These brilliant animals deserve all the love and recognition we can give them. If you know anyone who has a service dog or you know any trainers take the time to send them some extra love this week! 

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