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Grooming Comb For Dogs
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Coastal® Safari® Grooming Combs for Dogs (Multiple Types)

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Our Safari Dual-Sided Dog Shedding Blade is designed to remove loose hair and leave your dog with a clean, healthy coat. The shedding blade can be used with the handles together or separated. With handles together, stroke the dog from head to tail, covering small areas at a time. With handles separated, stroke dog from head to tail, covering large areas at a time. NCL Color Medium/Large Our Safari Dog Grooming Combs help remove mats, tangles and loose hair. The smooth, rounded teeth prevent damage to the coat. The 7-1/4" comb is designed for medium and coarse coats and the 4-1/2" comb is designed for medium and fine coats. NCL Color 4-1/2 Inch Medium/Fine The Safari Dog Dematting Comb removes mats and tangles from your dogs coat. The stainless steel, serrated blades will comb out most tangles. The Dematting Comb can be used on most medium to long haired dogs. It is especially helpful on coarse or long, matted coats. NCL Color One Size The Safari Dog Mat Remover is a valuable tool for removing mats. The stainless steel blades easily remove mats and tangles. Follow up with a Safari brush to stimulate the oils in the coat, leaving a lustrous shine and a clean, healthy coat. NCL Color One Size