Horse Stall Refresher

PDZ® Horse Stall Refresher Granular (40 Lbs)

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Sweet PDZ offers two special mineral properties: adsorption and Cation Exchange Capacity (CEC). Adsorption is the sticking of the ammonia gas molecule to the surface of the Sweet PDZ granular.

When the Sweet PDZ granules desorb (dry out) it releases the ammonia it has captured as nitrogen, which in turn is a very beneficial nutrient to gardens, compost, and soil. CEC is the liquid exchange aspect of Sweet PDZ’s odor neutralizing process. A sodium or potassium cation from the zeolite granule hydrolyzes (goes to liquid) and the ammonium is exchanged and then becomes part of the Sweet PDZ granular. This positive/negative cation exchange works because the Sweet PDZ granules are always holding water.

These two special mineral properties distinguish Sweet PDZ from other deodorizers on the market. Sweet PDZ is the most effective stall freshener available because it does not dry or crack hooves, nor does it sting the eyes or skin of people or pets. It’s also safe and gentle to use, producing superior results in neutralizing and eliminating harmful levels of ammonia and odors.